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At Saffron Solicitors, we combine our insights and skills to enable us to deal with all types of Property Matters, so whether your needs relate to Residential or Commercial Property, we are able to assist. Our fees are usually charged on an hourly rate, details of which can be found here. In certain circumstances we can agree fixed fees. 

We are particularly adept at handling the following areas:-

  • Drafting and Advising on Residential Tenancy Agreements

  • Drafting and Advising on Commercial Leases, Assignments and Surrender

  • Independent Legal Advice for Guarantors and Tenants 

  • Licence to Occupy, Tenancy at Will 

  • Possession and Eviction

  • Commercial and Residential Landlord and Tenant Disputes

  • Neighbour Disputes

  • Adverse Possession

Property Team

Our Property department is headed by Rizwan Ghafoor who will be assisted by Wahlil Khan, and Mustafa Barak. For more information about our team, please click here.

Please get in touch for more catered advice.

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