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General & Litigation

Our experienced team of professionals are able to expertly deal with any civil litigation or general legal matters. An example of our services are:

  • Preparing a Deed Poll for change of name

  • Court Representation and Case Management

  • Preparing Agreements and Tailored Contracts

  • Statutory Declarations

  • Preparing Deeds

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Claim Forms, Defence, Counterclaim, Strike Out, Set Aside

We are able to represent in all Courts in England & Wales and we maintain good relations with a number of Chambers' across the United Kingdom in the event specialised Counsel is required.

Due to the nature of these matters, our fees are charged on an hourly rate which can be viewed here​. In certain circumstances we can agree fixed fees. 


Litigation Team

Our Litigation department is headed by Mustafa Barak. He will be assisted by Wahlil Khan and Rizwan Ghafoor. For more information about our team, please click here.

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