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Here at Saffron Solicitors we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who are able to expertly deal with all types of conveyancing matters. So whether its a Commercial or Residential Property and whether Freehold, Leasehold or Unregistered; feel free to click below and get a free no obligation quote or Get in Touch and speak directly to a member of our dedicated team.

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Our conveyancing fees cover the following work required to complete the purchase or sale of your Property, including:-

In the case of a Purchase 

  • Investigating the title and reporting to you

  • Commissioning searches and advising you of the results

  • Raising appropriate enquiries

  • Approving Contract and preparing the Transfer documents

  • Reviewing a mortgage offer and reporting to the lender

  • Exchanging contracts and agreeing completion dates

  • Filing SDLT return with HMRC or LTT return with the WRA

  • Registration at HMLR 

In the case of a Sale

  • Preparing the contract documentation

  • Approving Contract and Transfer documents

  • Answering enquiries raised 

  • Exchanging contracts and agreeing completion dates

  • Redemption of any mortgage or financial charge

We do not give Tax Advice or deal with any jurisdiction other than England and Wales. Any SDLT discounts to be applied when filing the return to HMRC must be notified to us in advance of completion with evidence as to why the discount is to apply. If this is not provided, Saffron Solicitors will not assume any liability for any failure to apply such discount and this must be dealt with directly with HMRC.


These are costs related to a legal transaction payable to a third party. These may include:-

  • Land Registry Office Copy or Deeds

  • Official Search with Priority

  • Basic Residential Search Pack

  • Basic Commercial Search Pack

  • Bankruptcy Search

  • AML Check

  • Laywer Check

  • Bank Transfer Fee

  • Land Registry Fee

  • Notice of Transfer

  • Deed of Covenant or Certificate of Compliance

  • LPE1 and Management Pack Fee

£3.00 per document

​£3.00 per search

​£204.00 (includes local authority, chancel, subsidence, drainage & water)

​£449.80 (includes local authority, subsidence, drainage & water)

£2.00 per search​​

£4.00 per search; £7.00 for international client search

£14.40 per search

​£42.00 per transfer

​please see HMLR's website

leasehold only​, fees dependent on lease

​leasehold only, fees dependent on lease

​leasehold only, fees dependent on management company


The Stamp Duty Land Tax (in England) and Land Transaction Tax (in Wales) is payable on all property transactions in the UK.  The amount payable depends on the purchase price of your property. You can calculate the amount you will need to pay by using HMRC's website for SDLT or if the property is located in Wales by using the Welsh Revenue Authority's website for LTT.

Factors which may result in Additional Fees becoming chargeable

All fees are agreed before we undertake any work. In some cases, as the work progresses, the following may occur which may give rise to an increase in the quoted and agreed fee:-​

  • may become unduly prolonged or protracted

  • if legal title is defective, part of the property is unregistered, breaches of restrictive covenants or boundary issues.

  • if it becomes discoverable that building regulations, build over consent or planning permission has not been obtained

  • properties involved in neighbour disputes or party wall issues

  • issues revealed by searches such as enforcement notices, compulsory purchase orders, contaminated land etc...

Where we identify an issue such as the above, we will let you know as soon as possible and will have a discussion about the likely costs involved to resolve the issue. Additional costs will be based on the hourly rates of the fee earners involved in the transaction. These will be confirmed before the matter progresses to ensure there are no hidden charges.


The average conveyancing transaction can take anything from 4-6 weeks to when exchange of contracts can take place with subsequent completion to be agreed. This timeframe is dependent on the matter proceeding on a straight-forward basis. As a firm we will aim to progress the transaction as quickly as practicable to ensure that any delays will only ever be as a result of third parties or factors outside of our control.

Leasehold transactions may take longer due to the involvement of third parties such as freeholders and managing agents who are required to provide information.

Conveyancing Team

Our Conveyancing department is headed by Rizwan Ghafoor. He will be assisted by Mustafa Barak and Wahlil Khan. For more information about our team, please click here.

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