Probate and Estate Administration

Probate and Estate Administration

When a person dies their Executors (under the terms of the Will) or their Administrators (if there is no Will) will have the responsibility of administering his or her Estate, i.e. gathering in all the assets and distributing them accordingly.

Being an Executor or Administrator carries heavy responsibilities. This can be a heavy burden particularly at such a difficult time and many people seek the advice and guidance of a solicitor.

We are able to help families and executors to sort out all of the legal and financial matters which have to be dealt with when someone close to them dies. We understand how important it is for family members to have support in this difficult time and we will take away as much of the burden as possible by completing all the necessary paperwork in order to ensure that Probate is granted and the estate is administered as quickly and efficiently as possible in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

Not only can we deal with the administration of the estate but we are happy to take care of the numerous administrative tasks which have to be dealt with when someone dies especially in circumstances where there are no surviving relatives, including registering the death, liaising with the funeral directors, arranging for a property to be emptied and dealing with its eventual sale, tracing beneficiaries and dealing with any outstanding liabilities.

In particular we can deal with the following,

  • Obtaining Probate / Letters of Administration
  • Establish what Assets Exist in the Estate and any Liabilities that are Owing
  • Gather in the Assets and Settle any Liabilities
  • Establish who is Entitled to what under the Will or the Intestacy Rules
  • Assist with the Establishment of any Trust under the Will
  • Distribute the Proceeds of the Estate Accordingly
  • Liaise with the Inland Revenue to Deal with the Payment of Inheritance Tax and Completion of the Tax Returns for the Tax Year of Death and During the Administration Period

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