Employment Law

Employment Law

Saffron Solicitors act for both employers and employees in all types of employment disputes. Whether you are an employee with a problem at work or if you are an employer who faces issues with an employee, it is important to get expert legal advice as employment law is a complex and continually changing area of law.

We have a specialist employment law department who are experienced in representing both employers and employer. Our specialist lawyers are highly trained in seeking a resolution that suits you practically.  We will provide a step-by-step approach to guide you through the most complex employment disputes.

If as an employee you have an issue at work, we will provide you with advice and assistance and if necessary, we will formally take up the matter with your employer on your behalf. We will clearly explain to you (without any unnecessary legal jargon), what your legal rights and remedies are, including writing to your employer and if necessary, issuing proceedings in the Employment Tribunal on your behalf.

As an employer, employment law and Human Resource (HR) issues are often the most-time consuming and problematic areas for any business. This is also an area in which a business can find themselves faced with substantial claims from employees. Therefore, it is crucial to get expert legal advice from the start of any problem arising and we would always advise the prevention is often far better (and less costly in the long run) than cure.  Please therefore contact us to get an appraisal of your HR procedures, your staff  contracts and handbooks.

To speak with an Employment Solicitor at Saffron Solicitors please either send an email to us via our “Contact Us” page, email us on info@saffronsolicitors.com or alternatively call us on 0121 454 9040.

 Please note that we offer a No Win No Fee service to our employees clients!

And a free ½ hour consultation in order to assess your case.