Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Our commercial department advises on:

Company Formations and Business Start-ups
When you are setting up a new business, you should always get legal advice beforehand on whether the sole trader, company or partnership route is the best vehicle for your business. We would always also recommend that you get separate advice from an accountant as to which is the most tax efficient vehicle for your business.

We can assist with your company set-up and advise you on the following:

  • Formation of Tailor Made / ‘Off the Shelf’ Companies
  • Forming Groups of Companies
  • Partnership / LLP Incorporation
  • Advising on Directors Duties and Service Contracts
  • Shareholders Agreements

Partnership Agreements
Where you are entering into a partnership you will need a properly drawn up agreement to ensure that all the parties understand their obligations and to set out the position clearly regarding such matters as capital and profit shares, drawings on account of profit, management and decision making, permitted partnership expenses, retirement and expulsion or death of a partner, to avoid any disputes arising.

Commercial Agreements 
When running a business, it is important to have thorough and properly drafted documents to deal with your agreements with suppliers, customers, distributors and agents in the event of any dispute arising.

We can prepare a wide range of commercial agreements for your business needs including the following:

  • Distribution and Supply Agreements
  • Agency Agreements
  • Information Technology Agreements
  • Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Hiring and Leasing Contracts
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Warranties
  • Franchise Agreements

Intellectual Property
We advise on all aspects of intellectual property rights including patents, trade marks, copyright and design rights as well as the licensing and sale of such rights.

If you would like assistance with any type of company or commercial matter, then please contact us for a no obligation quote by either sending us an email via our “Contact Us” page or email us at or alternatively call us on 0121 454 9040.